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Happy T-Shirt News

Keeping with our regular schedule of one post a year (that will be changing in 2022!) we want to share a couple updates and a big announcement.

Quick news for everyone, Jason has finally decided to do some of his VP/Social Media work and has made some updates to graphics both on the website and the Facebook page. Now the online logo looks just like our new sign (yes, the sign that isn’t up yet . . . we know). Club docs have been updated and meeting minutes are now current. And . . . a bunch of new links have been added to the Videos page.

Ok, BIG news time!!!

The new MARCS Merch online store

We now have a merchandise site! Yes, now you can order t-shirts and stickers whenever you want online. To purchase any of the available items you can go to MARCS Merch, more items will be added soon. The store is through Spring (formerly Tee Spring), a well-respected on demand merch vendor at no cost to the club.

Club News

We Have A New Sign

Barry painted it, Jason designed it, and friend of the club David provided the vinyl work to create the new sign for the flying field. Expect to see this up by the beginning of next season

Jason and David showing off their work
Club News, MARCS Event

2020 MARCS Events

We now have dates for our annual events for this coming season.

June 7, 10am – 4pm Ken Page Memorial Fun Fly

Everyone is invited to our annual open house and memorial fun fly. We offer guidance and instruction to interested modelers and people who may be interested in joining our club. We’ll even have instructors and a few trainer planes so we can give new pilots a chance to try out flying! We’re also working some unique FPV (first person view) flying experiences for this year so stay tuned for more information.

August 8, 10am – 4pm Geneva Jet Jam & Warbirds

It’s BAAAACK! Jets were so cool last year that we wanted to invite warbirds this year! You know we’re going to have some catchy advertising for this one . . . coming soon!

  • No landing fee
  • AMA Required
  • Pop-up tents welcomed and recommended

September 20 MARCS Club Family Picnic

Our annual end of summer picnic for club members and their families.


Website Updates

We just finished making some needed changes to our website and wanted to let everyone know. MARCS now has dedicated Photos and Videos pages. This will also make the Club News section easier to find updates about the club. The menu bar on the site will look like this going forward.

More changes coming this week include updates to the event calendar and for members . . . those long awaited meeting minutes from the past few months!

Also . . . if you have any MARCS related photos that you would like to share and have added to our site please email them to

Let us know how we are doing and what you think of the updates.

Club News

A New Trainer Airplane for MARCS

Recently MARCS had someone donate a Great Planes/Tower Hobbies PT-40 to the club. We weren’t sure if it had ever been flown but we did know it was in storage for a while. Our club president Marc refurbished the engine and did a little body work. Today we got to fire it up for the first time.

This airplane will be used to train new pilots and will be available to fly with a buddy box during our annual memorial fun fly on June 2nd.

Club News

You Could Win This Airplane

MARCS would like to thank club member Bob Studer for kindly donating this beautiful Corsair to the club and Marc Stermer for cleanup and refurb work. Even more exciting is the fact that anyone can win this airplane . . . it will be our big raffle prize at the upcoming Ken Page Memorial Open House on Sunday June 2nd. This event and the raffle is open to anyone interested in the radio control aircraft hobby. We will be posting more information about the event soon.