Our club VP Jason Bennett regularly flies his chase quad to film and create these great videos for the club members. Now you can enjoy them too!




Marc has really turned up the realism on his new B-25!
Marc brought his new B-25 to the field for it’s maiden flight on this cold November Sunday.
We had a good turnout for the first Geneva Jet Jam at MARCS. Here’s a recap of some of the things that happened.
Thank you again to Horizon Hobby for the great raffle prize and Rabid Models for the food.
Jason had his Nano Goblin FPV plane in the air on Friday evening chasing Marc and Chris around and getting some cool shots of the field.
This month’s Friday Fun Fly was a non-glider gliding tournament where two airplanes would go head to head and see who could climb the fastest and glide the longest. Congrats to Chris for winning a genuine one of many FliteFest 2018 t-shirts.
Barry wanted to show off his new moves with the F-22 Raptor while Jason tried to keep up. Dave gave us his best Vanna White impression. Good times at MARCS.

No dinosaurs were injured in the making of this video.
As promised, here are the aerial shots of the newly cut field. We’re sorry about the smudged lens on fast moving shots, our video guy has been reprimanded.
Today’s video featured pilot is club member Tony flying his E-flite Carbon-Z Cub.
Marc took advantage of the first day of summer weather to properly maiden his P-38 Lightning. No rain this time!
Marc and Jason toughed out some bad weather just so Marc could maiden his P-38. Jason even managed to get on camera for once.
Before the club meeting this week Scott showed off his E-Flite Timber.
This week’s featured pilot is Phil with his Lazer Toyz Lazer. It took our chase pilot (Jason) about 30 seconds to figure out the speed and the maneuverability of the Lazer so be patient, the video turned out pretty good.
Dave shows off his piloting skills with his E-Flite Ultimate 2 after the sun finally came out.
Marc and Jason were at the field this Easter Sunday for some early afternoon high jinks. Marc brought his Catalina, B-29, and Corsair.
Barry brought his new Leader 480 to the field for our first Wednesday evening flying session of the season.
Jason thought his Emax Hawk 5 quad could keep up with Chris’s E-Flite Viper . . . Jason was wrong. But it still made for some good video.
Our club president Marc asked for a video of him flying his new Corsair for the first time. It’s a great looking model and we got some good shots of it in the air.
The smell of hot dogs cooking on an open fire brought out a good crowd for our first Sunday outing of the new flying season.