Club News

Happy T-Shirt News

Keeping with our regular schedule of one post a year (that will be changing in 2022!) we want to share a couple updates and a big announcement.

Quick news for everyone, Jason has finally decided to do some of his VP/Social Media work and has made some updates to graphics both on the website and the Facebook page. Now the online logo looks just like our new sign (yes, the sign that isn’t up yet . . . we know). Club docs have been updated and meeting minutes are now current. And . . . a bunch of new links have been added to the Videos page.

Ok, BIG news time!!!

The new MARCS Merch online store

We now have a merchandise site! Yes, now you can order t-shirts and stickers whenever you want online. To purchase any of the available items you can go to MARCS Merch, more items will be added soon. The store is through Spring (formerly Tee Spring), a well-respected on demand merch vendor at no cost to the club.